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Your student is in Good Hands with Kivan!

We provide orientation and support that leads to an excellent educational experience for students and parents. Offering exceptional guidance, we convey to parents and guardians that peace of mind.


How can I become a student in the U.S.?

A non-immigrant alien is someone admitted to the U.S. temporarily for a specific purpose. People who come to the U.S. to pursue full time academic studies or vocational training, are generally admitted in one of the two non-immigrant categories:

  • A) The F-1 category includes students at high schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, English programs, or other academic institutions.
  • B) The M-1 category includes professional vocational students.

Attention: International students are forbidden to enroll in public school programs that are financed by the American Government.

What is the application process?

First you must apply to study at a school approved by the U.S. Department of Immigration. If accepted, the student will be awarded with the Certificate of Eligibility. If you need a visa in your passport, then you must apply to the U.S. consulate in your country of origin. Also will have to prove to the consulate that you have the necessary financial resources for the student education and stay in the U.S.

How do I take the admission tests?

Many U.S. institutions require one or more tests for admission to prospective students. The most important one is the TOEFL. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required for admission in more than 4,400 U.S. institutions. For more information about the TOEFL please visit .

Where will I live when I arrive to the U.S.?

You can live on school campus or off campus. Some students prefer to live on campus, others prefer to live in their own apartments or rent a room in a family home. Each college has its own policy on housing and many require first year students to live on campus. We will assist you in finding suitable accommodation. Remember that if you prefer private accommodation, you will have to sign a lease (usually for one year at least).

Do I need Health Insurance?

The health system in the U.S. is very good but also very expensive and is not provided by the Government. Even if your school does not require health insurance, it is a risk not to buy one. Your university or college may have a special insurance plan for you to participate. If not, there are several special insurance programs for foreign students. We will provide proper assistance in finding a suitable health insurance.