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Cultural Competency Consulting

If Angola-West Africa is Your Destination ... We Are Your Solution

If USA is your Assignment We can help as well


In the dynamic global marketplace, companies continue moving their employees across borders. To truly create an adjustment, there needs to be an effective integration of employees in the host culture. We assist you in deeply understanding and identifying the cultural challenges, both at work and at the social level.

KIVAN Cultural Integration Consulting allows a smooth transition into the new cultural environment and offers real value to companies by educating management and employees and providing a framework for integration to their new home country.

Kivan Cultural Services Offers

  • Face to face cross-cultural diversity training/profiling.
  • Webinars seminars

Our Services

1) Country & Regional Briefings

Relocating to different countries or regions requires an understanding of the local culture and business environment. Kivan's detailed briefings give you critical insights into important cultural differences needed for your overseas assignment to be a success.

2) The Kivan Cultural Consulting will enable you to:

- Build cohesive and productive multicultural attitude.
- Confidence in dealing with different cultures.
- Support employee family adjustment.
- Take it easy and feel yourself at home.

3) Cultural Competency

KIVAN's Cultural Consulting uses a variety of tools that will provide knowledge of the cultural details, attitudes and behaviors that impact the relocation process. We can help you anticipate, understand and manage the potential cultural challenges of the new country.

Move Overseas and adjust to your New Culture with a positive attitude

Leaving your home and moving to another country is not only packing and shipping your belongings. When you embark on your new assignment, you must adopt the new country as your home. You also must understand the culture, traditions and general way of life of your new home. This can be one of the most difficult and thrilling aspects of your assignment. We can help you throughout this adjustment time.